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Chassis Filling and Sealing



Mud dirt and moisture which accumulate inside a vehicles chassis is the primary cause of chassis failure in mining vehicles. Beam has developed a unique system using marine grade closed cell high density spray foam and rust inhibitors which effectivley seals the chassis from dirt, moisture and external contaminates thus preventing internal corrosion.

Process Summary.
1) Pressure clean the chassis both internally and externally to remove any exisiting contaminants. 
2) Spray internally with Beam ML702 rust preventative.
3) Using high pressure spray equip to inject chassis box
 sections with Beams marine grade "closed cell" spray foam RLPF32.
4) Trim off the excess foam that will inevitably protrude from the holes and gaps.
5) Seal the entire chassis and underbody with a heavy duty coating of either Bituminous or Epoxy based proof coating.
This chassis sealing technology is fast becoming an industry standard and we welcome all enquiries.

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