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  • Stops new rust and corrosion and smothers existing rust and corrosion.
  • Standard use as a stand-alone protective coating, no painting required.
  • Can also be applied to bare metal as a paint primer.
  • Forms a strong, flexible, transparent protective coating.
  • Ideal for automotive, industrial, marine and general use.
  • Also suited as a protective coating over painted surfaces.
  • Non-conducting.
  • Long-Term protection.
  • Will dramatically reduce corrosion from electrolysis.
  • Dries to a flexible and non-scaling coat.

How It Works

RustStop™ RX200™ can be applied onto already painted surfaces, new steel surfaces, and, even rusted surfaces.

Once applied, RustStop™ RX200™ penetrates into every microscopic crack and crevice of the metal expelling any traces of moisture or oxygen, as it dries, it completely seals the surface, thus preventing the moisture carrying oxygen from entering and also bonds with the metal.  Put simply, RustStop™ RX200™ suffocates the metal/rust – thus preventing the substrate from breathing. RustStop™ RX200™ dries to a flexible, water repellent, non-conducting, long-lasting coat that is capable of handling very high heat. RustStop™ RX200™ is a easy to use, solid-state coating, that does not crack or peel.


RustStop™ RX200™ dries to a transparent coat; therefore visual inspection of equipment and surfaces is not impaired.When applied as directed, a two-coat treatment of RustStop™ RX200™ will give long term rust protection under the harshest conditions. 



 Independant Test Results

RustStop™ RX200™ has been tested independently under the international standards including the following organizations SABS ISO 7253.

  • ASTM-B117* Salt Fog Test – 1,000 hours, no sign of any rust or defects.


  • Salt Chamber Test – 250 hours, no affect on RX200 surface.
  • Freeze Test – 200 hours at -25°C, no affect on RX200 surface.“RX200™ can truly be classed as a breakthrough in rust protection with numerous unique features.”
  • Open Salt Air Test – 3,000 hours, no affect on RX200 surface.

“RX200™ can truly be classed as a breakthrough in rust protection with numerous unique features.” *ASTM-B117-03: American Society for Testing and Materials – Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus


RX200 - MSDS (Click Here to Download)



Cars, 4WDs, utes, bikes, trucks, buses, motorhomes, caravans, earth moving vehicles, trailers, inside vehicle body panels, engine compartments, undercarriages, engine, gear box, brake housings, exhausts etc.



Steel pipes, silos, support structures, roofs, cooling towers, heavy-duty moving equipment, heavy-duty equipment and machinery, steel towers, stair cases, metal tanks, bridges, platforms, guard rails, roofs, gutters, sheds, fences, gates etc.



Wharf cranes, gantryʼs, ship and boat internals, boiler rooms, deck railings, deck equipment, off-shore oil rigs, marine equipment, shipping containers, cables, boat trailers etc. “RX200 can be used in virtually any application”


RX200 Details Application Guide RX200 FAQ RX200 Brochure

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