The darkest and most extraordinary performance you'll see (and feel) for those who are simply looking for the very best. Ultima has the highest performance qualities you’d expect from a top-of-the range automotive window tint, but this one is in a class of its own! A twin metal coating sets Ultima apart, with two porous sputtered nickel alloy layers creating incredible strength and endurance with the most refined finish imaginable. With a lifetime warranty against colour fading, peeling and de-metallisation, there can only be one choice. Premium quality, incomparable performance and stunning looks mean Ultima is the best window tint for your vehicle.
Stunning good looks
Shadow grey colour
Two porous sputtered nickel alloy layers
Offers incredible strength and endurance
Superb colour and sheen is created by the nickel alloy layers
the most refined finish imaginable
SPF 50+
blocks 99% of harmful UV ray
stops 60% of heat entering through windows
dramatically reduces dangerous glare by 60%
lifetime nationwide warranty

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