Quality Statement

The management of Beam has committed the company to a policy to establish and maintain a Quality Management System in production, installation and servicing.

Beam provides a range of Rustproofing and associate treatments for a client base that demands safe reliable quality of product and service. Our objective is to rustproof vehicles by a “Do it right the first time” approach, which will meet our client’s needs and expectations on quality, cost and schedule.

The definition of quality is “fitness for purpose” or “conformation to the client’s requirements”. The requirements of Beam are to rustproof and treat vehicles for clients as detailed in contracts and purchase orders, but in some cases may be verbally given details.

The induction training of new and existing employees in order to ensure that this company’s policy is clearly understood, implemented and maintained is an essential part of the Quality System. Beam’s Quality Manual and Quality System Procedures will be used as part of that training.

The quality of our product and service is the responsibility of every person in the company and I request all employees to report any concerns, problems or suggestions they may have with the regard to quality, directly to myself, or to my delegate on the matter.

The company’s commitment to providing quality products can only be achieved with your co-operation.

Gary Pilatti – Proprietor.