Mine Spec 6 Rustproofing (Salt & Offshore)

Beam Salt and Offshore Mine Spec 6 Rustproofing Treatment is our most thorough Bituminous, wax and dry film based rust treatment currently available and is designed to combat corrosion in extreme conditions. This level of rust protection is suited to vehicles and mobile plant deployed in salt and fertiliser works, coastal and offshore facilities.


Below is a guide to a typical Application. ( Note: This may vary depending upon vehicle type )

Application Guide:

Endrust UB302B is a heavy-duty bituminous black underbody rust preventative that is spray applied to:
  • The complete underbody and chassis.
  • Lower cavities of the front and rear guards.
  • Wheel arches, fuel, air, and hydraulic tanks
  • Transfer casing, driveline, axles, and differentials.
  • Suspension components, brake housings, and steering arms.
  • Fixing points for tow bars, bull bars, and side steps.
  • Cab Internal Footwells and floor.

Endrust ML602 is a fogging style “Cavity Wax” purpose-designed to float and coat inside box sections and hard-to-access panels.

  • Inside Door cavities, Pillars, Rocker Panels and Box Sections.
  • Behind headlight and grille areas
  • Inside Bonnet & Boot lid stiffeners and tailgate areas.
  • Brake, Fuel, Hydraulic and Transmission Lines and fittings.
  • Inside Chassis rails
  • Inside Plenum Chamber.
Endrust RXCLEAR is a 1K anti-corrosive Clearcoat which is spray applied to:
  • Underside of Bonnet
  • Painted areas inside of the engine compartment plus nuts, bolts, and fixings.
  • upper and lower radiator supports.
  • behind the headlights and grill.
  • particular attention to seams, and joints plus around and beneath Battery.
  • Alloy engine components.
  • Around front and rear window seals.
  • Wheel Rims. (both sides)
Denso Tape is a corrosion-resistant, fire-retardant wax tape that is hand-wrapped around the following components.
  • Steering tie rod ends.
  • Park Brake Cable and adjusters.
  • Front suspension torsion bar adjusting bolts.
  • Front radius rod threads.
  • Top threads of shock absorbers.
  • Rear brake load sensor system – valve and pivot point.
  • Engine fuel line tubing.
  • Power Steering tubing and fittings.
  • Brake and Clutch adjusters, fittings, and pivots.
  • Brake and Transmission line fittings.
  • Engine Oil Fittings.
  • All accessible hydraulic, fuel, and electrical fittings, connectors, and joins.
  • Air conditioner pipes and fittings at condenser, compressor, and dryer.
  • Fuel Injectors fittings and connectors

Options and Related Treatments

  • Endrust PSX CLEAR is a 2K coating based on polysiloxane technology can be spray applied to the roof & bonnet.

Application Time : (8-10 DAYS)

(Note: The above specification was last revised 1/3/2024 and should be used as a guide only. Some procedures may be altered or omitted for specific vehicle types or due to special customer requests. Beam reserves the right to alter this specification at any time without notice if new products or techniques become available.)