• Stops new rust and corrosion and smothers existing rust and corrosion.
  • Standard use as a stand-alone protective coating, no painting required.
  • Can also be applied to bare metal as a paint primer.
  • Forms a strong, flexible, transparent protective coating.
  • Ideal for automotive, industrial, marine and general use.
  • Also suited as a protective coating over painted surfaces.
  • Non-conducting.
  • Long-Term protection.
  • Will dramatically reduce corrosion from electrolysis.
  • Dries to a flexible and non-scaling coat.


Endrust® RX CLEAR can be applied onto already painted surfaces, new steel surfaces, and, even rusted surfaces.

Once applied, Endrust® RX CLEAR penetrates into every microscopic crack and crevice of the metal expelling any traces of moisture or oxygen, as it dries, it completely seals the surface, thus preventing the moisture carrying oxygen from entering and also bonds with the metal. Put simply, Endrust® RX CLEAR suffocates the metal/rust – thus preventing the substrate from breathing. Endrust® RX CLEAR dries to a flexible, water repellent, non-conducting, long-lasting coat that is capable of handling very high heat. Endrust® RX CLEAR is an easy to use, solid-state coating, that does not crack or peel.

Endrust® RX CLEAR dries to a transparent coat; therefore visual inspection of equipment and surfaces is not impaired. When applied as directed, a two-coat treatment of Endrust® RX CLEAR will give long-term rust protection under the harshest conditions.



Automotive: Cars, 4WDs, Utes, bikes, trucks, buses, motorhomes, caravans, earth moving vehicles, trailers, inside vehicle body panels, engine compartments, undercarriages, engine, gearbox, brake housings, exhausts etc.

Marine: Wharf cranes, gantryʼs, ship and boat internals, boiler rooms, deck railings, deck equipment, off-shore oil rigs, marine equipment, shipping containers, cables, boat trailers etc. “Endrust® RX CLEAR” can be used in virtually any application”

Industrial: Steel pipes, silos, support structures, roofs, cooling towers, heavy-duty moving equipment, heavy-duty equipment and machinery, steel towers, staircases, metal tanks, bridges, platforms, guard rails, roofs, gutters, sheds, fences, gates etc.


Endrust® RX CLEAR protects metal from rusting just like any other coating, it forms a barrier against moisture and oxygen. What makes Endrust® RX CLEAR unique is that it is transparent, flexible and permanent. Most products that are flexible and transparent are oily or waxy products that do not cure and so are not permanent and usually very messy. With Endrust® RX CLEAR you get all these properties with a product that cures and so is permanent and clean.

No, Endrust® RX CLEAR is designed to be a stand-alone protective coating and there is no need to paint over it, but it is also a very effective primer to most paints.

Not at all, Endrust® RX CLEAR is very simple to apply and can be done using a standard paintbrush, enamel roller or paint spray-gun.

Very little, you will need to remove any flaking paint and loose rust, and ensure the metal is dry and free from grease before application. Endrust® RX CLEAR can be applied directly over existing rust and will penetrate and stop it from spreading any further.

Endrust® RX CLEAR is very long lasting and if applied properly should provide protection for up to 10 years under the harshest conditions.

Endrust® RXCLEAR is primarily available in 350g Aerosol and 20L drums. For large volume users we can supply in 205L drums.

No, this is not advisable as the gloss finish may vary over large sections.

Not ideally, Endrust® RX CLEAR is designed for use on open air structures, but tests are being performed for submerged protection.

No, the surface remains flexible and will never crack.

Yes it can be applied directly over existing rust (clean flaked areas first) and will stop rust totally – it precludes the metal from breathing and receiving oxygen and water, totally suffocating the rusting process.


Endrust® RX CLEAR is a transparent, flexible, long-lasting rust and corrosion protection coating for metal surfaces, bare or painted, and is even effective on rusted metal, as it penetrates and seals off the rust. It is ideal for any metal exposed to highly corrosive conditions.

Endrust® RX CLEAR is not intended for use as a final exterior vehicle paint finish.

  • Surface preparation: Can be applied to any metal surface, even with existing rust however flaking paint and/or loose rust needs to be removed to ensure maximum penetration. Product works best on matte surfaces. If used on polished or smooth surfaces, a light scouring is recommended to ensure better adhesion. Clean surface with thinners or cleaning solvent to remove grease, oil, dirt, etc. Ensure the surface is completely dry. Mask or cover adjacent areas to protect from overspray.
  • Operating temperatures: Ideal application temperature between 15°C to 50°C.
  • Application: Apply using a standard paint spray gun (recommended), paintbrush or enamel roller. Apply successive, thin coats allowing each layer to dry between coats. Applying Endrust® RX CLEAR too thick will cause a wrinkled finish. Apply subsequent coats once touch dry (approximately 4 hours). Apply 1 to 3 coats according to environmental exposure and conditions. 3 coats is only recommended for highly extreme conditions. Avoid drips, runs and a wrinkled finish by applying successive very thin coats.
  • Drying and curing time: Allow 4 hours between coats or until touch dry. Endrust® RX CLEAR can take up to 24 hours to fully cure ensuring proper surface bonding and ongoing flexibility. These times are typical for temperatures between 15°C to 30°C at 50% humidity. Colder temperatures and higher humidity will result in longer drying and curing times.
  • Clean up: Use mineral spirits to clean tools. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after use.
  • Coverage: Due to the fact that the first coat penetrates deep into the metallic substrate and existing rust, more product is used, and considerably less will be used for subsequent layers. First coat coverage will be about 8m2 to 10m2 per litre. Coverage for subsequent coats will be between 10m2 and 14m2 per litre.
  • Helpful tips: It is extremely important to apply successive very thin coats, rather than one thick coat, to avoid wrinkling. A thin coat will cure quicker and will result in a stronger layer. More product does not mean more protection.
  • Storage: Store container in cool, well-­‐ventilated area out of direct sunlight. Store above -­‐ 15°C. Ensure the container is kept air-­‐tight to prevent evaporation. During use, remove product to be used from the container and replace the lid.