Mining Spec Rustproofing

Mining Spec Rustproofing Mining Spec Rustproofing

With over 80 years experience Beam understands the importance of corrosion protection of vehicles and mobile assets operating in the mining and resource sector. Beam is Western Australia’s oldest and most trusted specialist Rustproofing business and we are dedicated to developing new, leading-edge Rustproofing processes to break new ground and reach new levels in the field of corrosion control.

(GOOD )...... Bituminous Based Wax Treatments

Beams traditional Bituminous and wax-based treatments have effectively protected vehicles in the mining and resource sector for many years. The Surface Mining Spec 3 is considered the minimum requirement for any vehicle and the Underground Mining Spec 5 is a more comprehensive treatment typically used in underground mining applications.Salt and Offshore Spec 6 is ideal for vehicles and machinery deployed in salt and fertiliser works, coastal and offshore mining and shipping facilities.

(BEST)...... Ultratect- Epoxy Based Treatments

By incorporating a range of industrial strength, abrasion resistant, Epoxy Based coatings we have been able to significantly improve the durability, corrosion and chemical resistance of our treatments. The Ultratect Surface Mining Spec 7Ultratect Underground Spec 8 and Ultratect Salt and Offshore Spec 9 feature epoxy technology that deliver outstanding protection for mobile assets operating in harsh environments.

If you Have a Corrosion Problem – Beam Has the Answer

Beam has a myriad of products and techniques that can be mixed and matched to solve most corrosion issues. Our trained staff will be more than happy to discuss any aspects of vehicle corrosion protection with you – so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your protection at the fairest possible price – that’s our unequivocal commitment to you.