Mine Spec 8 Rustproofing (Epoxy-Based Underground)

Introducing Beam’s innovative “Epoxy-Based” Underground Mine Spec 8 Rustproofing Treatment, meticulously crafted for vehicles and mobile assets operating in underground mining environments across Western Australia. Our treatments blend highly durable epoxies with traditional wax and dry film compounds, providing unparalleled protection. Mine Spec 8 Rustproofing extends its shield to safeguard additional high-risk areas, including electrical and hydraulic fittings and connections. The Ultratect range embodies cutting-edge coating technology, engineered to deliver enduring corrosion resistance. Explore the complete description below for comprehensive details.


Discover Mine Spec 8 Rustproofing, your ultimate solution for maximum protection against corrosion in harsh mining environments. Mine Spec 8 Rustproofing involves a meticulous step-by-step process using top-quality products tailored specifically for mining equipment.

Step 1: Endrust UB702: Utilizing Endrust UB702, a chemical and abrasion-resistant high-build epoxy mastic coating, we spray apply it to critical areas including:

  • Complete underbody and chassis
  • Lower cavities of front and rear guards
  • Wheel arches
  • Fuel, air, and hydraulic tanks
  • Transfer casing, driveline, axles, and differentials
  • Suspension components, brake housings, and steering arms
  • Fixing points for tow bars, bull bars, and side steps

Step 2: Endrust ML602: Next, we apply Endrust ML602, a fogging style “Cavity Wax,” designed to float and coat inside box sections and hard-to-access panels such as:

  • Inside door cavities
  • Pillars
  • Rocker panels and box sections
  • Inside bonnet and boot lid stiffeners, and tailgate areas
  • Inside chassis rails

Step 3: Endrust RXCLEAR: For the engine compartment, we utilize Endrust RXCLEAR, a 1K anti-corrosive Clearcoat. This clearcoat is sprayed on all painted areas, nuts, bolts, and fixings, including:

  • Upper and lower radiator supports
  • Behind the headlights and grill
  • Seams and joints, and around and beneath the battery

Step 4: Denso Tape: Finally, we use Denso Tape, a corrosion-resistant, fire-retardant wax tape, hand-wrapped around accessible hydraulic and fluid fittings, as well as external electrical wiring connections.

Options and Related Treatments:

  1. CATIII Electronic Anti-Corrosion System: Consider installing a CAT System for complete anti-corrosion protection, especially for areas unsuitable for chemical rustproofing.
  2. Endrust PSX CLEAR 2K Teflon/Polyurethane Clearcoat: Protect exterior painted surfaces against water, acids, and chemicals. Ideal for roofs, gutters, doors, bonnets, side steps, and bull bars.
  3. Rhino Lining: Polyurethane spray-on tray and surface coating for durable protection of load areas and high-impact components such as bull bars, side steps, mudguards, and chassis rails.

Application Time: 4 days

(Note: The above specification is subject to change without notice. Contact us to learn more about how Mine Spec 8 Rustproofing can safeguard your vehicle in demanding mining conditions.)