Upper Body Rustproofing

For extra peace of mind, our Upper Body Rustproofing can protect potential trouble spots such as inside doors, sills, pillars, side panels, engine bay and boot areas. We treat these areas in accordance with Australian Standard AS2662.2. using advanced high-pressure spray equipment.

See details and options below:


  • Endrust ML602 is a fogging style “Cavity Wax” purpose-designed to float and coat inside box sections and hard-to-access panels:
    • Inside Door cavities, Pillars, Rocker Panels and Box Sections.
    • Inside Bonnet & Boot lid stiffeners and tailgate areas.
    • Inside Chassis rails.

  • Endrust RX CLEAR is a 1K anti-corrosive Clearcoat which is spray applied to the entire engine compartment including:
    • all painted areas plus nuts, bolts, and fixings.
    • upper radiator supports.
    • behind the headlights and grill.
    • particular attention to seams, joints plus around and beneath Battery.

Related Treatments:
  • CATIII Electronic Anti-Corrosion System – For a complete anti-corrosion solution, you should consider the advantages of installing a CAT System. Electronic Anti-Rust Systems can protect all those areas of your vehicle that cannot or shouldn’t be sprayed with chemical rustproofing such as the roof and upper body panels. Please enquire

Application and Drying Time:
  • The entire application process can be completed in a day however it may be necessary to keep the vehicle overnight to ensure some coatings have adequate time to dry…

(Note: The above specification was last revised 1/5/2021 and should be used as a guide only. Some procedures may be altered or omitted for specific vehicle types or due to special customer requests. Beam reserves the right to alter this specification at any time without notice if new products or techniques become available.